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SWOX (David Weber)

9. Amsterdam, 150 X 130 Cm, Acrylique Et Travail à La Spatule, 2018  Copie

Speerstra Gallery Switzerland - Swox - Abstrakt Typography

from 2019-02-02 to 2019-04-06

To celebrate this new year 2019, the Speerstra Gallery is pleased to introduce you to the work of David Weber aka Swox. As a young adult, David Weber scattered these four letters in 1997, inhabited by the graffiti movement that has been sweeping through Switzerland for the last ten years or so. He learns to master the paint spray, shapes his letters, a style of his own, develops a look towards the city and its aesthetics in the plural. In 2010, stimulated by his environment and new perceptions, David Weber directs his work towards more radicalities and maturities. Opening up to new techniques, new mediums, his works, now deeply abstract, reveal a subtle balance of shapes, full and empty, matt or shiny surfaces. Encouraged by the success of his first exhibitions across Switzerland, David Weber now invests the Speerstra Gallery with "Abstrakt Typography". With confidence, this new production gives pride of place to the letter, magnified like an architectural building. Acrylic paint, deposited generously, becomes here and there a malleable material, where the curves and the lines cross each other conscientiously. With a perfect technique, David Weber breathes a new momentum into his career and a resolutely contemporary vision of writing.

Speerstra Gallery Switzerland - Swox - Abstrakt Typography