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ALEX KUZNETSOV, AUREL RUBBISH, Blancbec, D*FACE, MAMBO (Flavien Demarigny), MIST (Guillaume Lemarquier), OBEY (Shepard Fairey), ROSYONE, SOZYONE (Pablo Gonzalez)


Speerstra Gallery Switzerland - Portraits

from 2020-09-12 to 2020-10-31

"The period we are living through has made me aware of my attachment to people. All these people with whom I am used to exchanging, working and traveling are personalities in their own right, unique and rich in discoveries. For this return exhibition, I wanted to surround myself with unmasked faces, to highlight the characters and particularities of each individual, and to escape the pressure of standardization in our society" Willem Speerstra.

From the first portrait of Ancient Egypt to the present day, the art of portraiture has focused on the representation of a figure and the spirit that animates it. Each detail of the portrait expresses much more than the purely physical aspect. These personalities, real or imaginary, tell us their story in an intimate and sincere way, without filters, without masks, face to face.

A classic subject of art history, the portrait is a unique way to get to know new people. The "Portraits" exhibition at the Speerstra Gallery in Switzerland is an opportunity to discover new encounters, to explore their different facets, and to initiate an almost intimate dialogue.

It is through formats, sensitivities, encounters, and without forgetting the roots of the discipline of urban and contemporary art, that the subjects are highlighted in a very contemporary way. Each artist deploys his medium, his colors, his techniques. The different graphics and contrasts model an exciting portrait gallery.

A selection of 20 artists, all close to the Speerstra Gallery for many years, and brought together through the prism of the figurative, brings us to meet these new faces. Portraits of women, men, personalities or anonymous, real or imaginary, this exhibition is animated by a real life force, a force that defines all the dimensions of the human being.

with : Aurel "Rubbish" Prevost, Mambo. Blancbec, Dave Baranes, Jana et Js, Christian Guémy / C215, Alexandre Farto / Vhils, Stéphane Moscato/ STF, Shepard Fairey / Obey, D*Face, Alex Kuznetsov, L'Original, Ceet, SozyOne, RosyOne, Swoon, Simon Berger, Saype, BustArt.

Speerstra Gallery Switzerland - Portraits