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Le Diamanataire Dans L'atelier

Speerstra Gallery Paris presents Le Diamantaire "Precious time"

from 2022-09-03 to 2022-10-15

For his first solo exhibition at Speerstra Gallery Paris, the artist continues to explore the infinite possibilities offered by his favorite medium. It is in 2011 that "Le Diamantaire" begins his work on mirror that he declines in 2D diamond. He sticks them on street corners around the world.

"Precious time" is the name of this new exhibition, a tribute to this notion that can be both rigid and relative to the scale of the universe. This precious time has allowed the artist to define new facets to his mirrors, to tackle the complex dimension of 3D. Some of the mirrors used have had a life, another life before being integrated into his sculptures. These supports provoke a reflection in past, present and future time. In the present, the works explore the infinite identities of our image, of our everyday environment. These fascinating games of reflections are embodied by precious forms, forms for which time is also part of the process, such as the heart, the emerald, the diamond. Each moment spent contemplating the works is also a precious time for reflection, questioning, and projection towards an inner journey. Each reflection is a track to explore that inevitably bounces off another part of the work to accompany us towards a path to follow. The effects of depth are so realistic that one can feel oneself traveling through the whole work.

Speerstra Gallery Paris presents Le Diamantaire "Precious time"