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Cream Compagny Copie

Speerstra Gallery Paris presents "CRAPULE CLUB" crossed glances on silver photography

from 2022-11-12 to 2022-12-17

Speerstra Gallery Paris presents "Crapule Club" crossed glances on silver photography

Among the shadows of the city, in weightlessness between the roofs and the asphalt: a dozen photographers come together under the banner of the Crapule Club. The exhibition highlights the visual murmurs of an uninhibited and insolent youth. insolent youth. It draws little by little the desiderata of a better world. Spectators of the free world, the artists exhibit archives taken on the spot, of an alternative part of the city. Through the swirls of paint bombs and countless burnt films, Crapule 2000 brings together young talents of the analog culture. From free electrons with fiery and optimistic dreams capturing the multiple faces of society's paradoxes.
Come and discover crossed glances on silver photography and the audacious hope of a whole new generation.


Cream Company, Geneva : "I like film because, unlike digital, it allows me to leave a trace. I photograph what touches me or what I find beautiful: violence, beauty, adrenaline and love."

Callogreo, Paris.
"Photographer for a few years, my eye oscillates between reportage and fashion, I like to photograph the human above all. I chose the medium of film for its instinctive side, its authenticity and its grain. I wish to be as close as possible to reality and the world around us.

Jam2lux, Lausanne : " My name is Jamal, I'm 21 years old and I've been carrying my Olympus around for 3 years now. Some encounters have allowed me to take another look at photography and to do something new and sincere. "

Bonsoir Mathilda, Lyon : " Under the photography of Bonsoir Mathilda, the iceberg of alternative worlds is taking shape. A patient and discreet spectator of the night, she captures the archives of her generation in analog images tinged with blue. According to her, silver reminds us how important it is to come out of the immaterial."

Ecilop, Paris : "Besides playing spider man and making mega big drawings, ecilop also does a lot of other weird stuff like building apartments in the metro, hacking jump bikes or playing dress-up in police heists."

Lili, Paris : "Born in 1995 in Paris, Lili Lévy-Lajeunesse studied in Brussels where she obtained a degree in graphic design and photography at the ERG - school of graphic research. Since then, she has been photographing her daily life in Paris, giving an intimate view of her generation, its confusion, doubts, joys, struggles and nights. Photography as an attempt to stop time and prevent the forgetting of those who are important to her."

R12logic, Paris : Idris Surena is a creative originally from, and based in Montreuil. Before film, it is with the polaroid that he began in 2015 to photograph what surrounds him and pleases his eye: smiles and adventures of the entourage, moments of celebration and naturalness, architectural geometry. R12logic "takes pictures of a team on location". It is initially the graffiti which incites him to the vagrancy, he travels, it is secret, and on the spot. Music lover inspired by rave culture and UK sounds - drum'n'bass, 2-step, jungle, breakbeat, dubstep - most of his images are born at night in alternative circles, when freedom is no longer compromised. Insolent, no staging. Between cynicism and humility, R12logic is also nothing2Bbien under his alias of tattooist, medium which allows him to materialize on skin his medieval, urban, fanciful and anthropomorphic imaginary. A way to escape towards the front.

Fanchon, Paris : Inspector Fanchon records evidence of our existence, the futile moments, the stardust that his friends offer him. He tries to capture the fluidity of encounters, the occupation of space. Our territories that gradually take shape: a city within a city.
He pads the memories, ammunition for the catapults, our capital actions. We cultivate our birds, in all freedom. The images that he compiles are one of the only frameworks in which these strange birds accept to be registered.

Speerstra Gallery Paris presents "CRAPULE CLUB" crossed glances on silver photography