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Speerstra Gallery Paris presents "GROUND LINE" by ALEX KUZNETSOV

from 2023-03-11 to 2023-04-08

Speerstra Gallery is proud to present the first solo exhibition of abstract artist Alex Kuznetsov in Paris.through his unique look at the perception of the horizon, the artist takes the viewer on a journey exploring the power of color, form and space.

Alex Kuznetsov’s career began in the 90s. He was one of the very first graffiti artists in the former USSR. In 2010 the artist goes from the wall to the canvas with a style of painting that is his own «abstract spraypainting» also called Abstractism. His first exhibitions explore an abstract universe, built around the dynamism of movements and colors of sprays. On his canvases, he shares the adrenaline and spontaneity of a graffiti artist. He then chooses a new aesthetic approach for his works by using acrylic paint. The delicately mastered technique opens an immediate perspective in contemporary art. He approaches abstract series of luminous formats that spontaneously gives us to interpret a landscape, in the manner of a pareidolia.

The line is the starting point of the series of works that compose the exhibition «Ground line». Each painting is organized around this line that comes to be irresistibly inscribed in our minds as a horizon.

«In the urban setting where I live, there is no horizon line. Sometimes it is necessary to take a moment to calm down and breathe. For several years, I have been observing the horizons of various landscapes, most often from the window of a car. Their lines are dynamic and, despite their static nature, they have much in common with my paintings. This has led me to see the panorama differently, as a collection of masses of color intertwined in a space organized along an imaginary line».

This line serves as a support and guide to transport us to a place that is constructed by our emotions, our feelings, our desires. The contemplation of this landscape marks an intimate moment, a moment that belongs only to the viewer. Thanks to his exceptional use of color and mediums, Alex transforms the ordinary into a precious and extraordinary moment. In his new series, Alex Kuznetsov marks his own horizon and invites everyone to his own interpretation of color and form in the work...

«In general, if you draw a horizontal line on an empty wall, it will be fascinating to look at it, which is never possible with an empty wall... In everyday urban life, taking someone out of the city and showing them the horizon can bring a sense of inner peace. So, in my new series, I mark the horizon for myself and observe how it affects the perception of color and form in the image».

The exhibition «Ground Line» invites you to dive into the world of Alex Kuznetsov. Let yourself be transported to a place where the horizon line occupies a central place. This exhibition is an experience for all those who appreciate art. The artist invites us to push the limits of conventional perspectives and encourages us to see the world in a new light.


Speerstra Gallery Paris presents "GROUND LINE" by ALEX KUZNETSOV