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Speerstra Gallery / PARIS

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Rcf1 2004 Black Market  130 X 130 Cm   Copie

Speerstra Gallery Paris - Jean Moderne aka RCF1 "Black Market"

from 2004-06-16 to 2004-07-29

Rcf 1 presents a series of spray painted works in the same style as its street graffiti’s. The black market are tags, throw-ups and works on truck’s In Paris between Barbès and Ménilmontant. A form of survival in a urban environment made by do-it-yourself and fiddlings. It is the ambient electricity of the popular districts opposed to the culturally smooth Paris, capturing the energy on market trucks and the subway lines of the elevated stations.The Parisian black market is a parallel business for a whole culture, a renewal of pride by appropriating words and supports. It is the faith of an artist who is erased behind style.

“Black Market” is that chaste relation between graffiti in the street and graffiti on canvas which ceases being pure street graffiti. At that point, RCF 1 works are simular as t popular music contemporary music. His spray can is like a new electric guitar, writing a blues or new rock’n roll song. Black market is like a last wink to Joe Strummer of the Clash to whom RCF 1 owes his artist name: “Rudie can’t Fail”.

Born in the parisian suburb in 1968, RCF 1 paints graffiti since 1988. Faithful to the traditional New York old school graffiti style, he turns in the nineties towards a more european and personal style influenced by the last generations of “street artists”. Reporter for the french Gettin’Fame magazine and author of Many articles about graffiti art, he lives in Paris and still continues to paint in the street without asking.

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Speerstra Gallery Paris - Jean Moderne aka RCF1 "Black Market"