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SHARP (Aaron Goodstone)

Sharp  2004 Motherdear                     121 X 121 Cm    Copie 2

Speerstra Gallery Paris - Aaron SHARP Goodstone "Romance of Innocence"

from 2005-02-24 to 2005-04-09

Ten paintings relate the US penitentiary system, Rikers Island - the New York jail which holds the sad record to be the world's largest penal colony - and its block C76. And above all, the story of those who live there.

"This series of paintings were inspired by the reflections of a twenty year veteran of the New York Citycorrectional Institutions.
Upon his retirement we spoke of years gone bye.I felt inspired to tell the storyof mythical inmates past and present,the art of the streets has always told the storiesof the ghetto, as brothers do day for day behind the wall, they live a life where principals ideals and morals are always out of balance.
Motherdear,Tut and seargant Ramirez are just some of the inmates and corrections officers whose reputations followed them beyond the walls of rikers island. It is not my intention to glorify their escapades, only to tell the story of the fables of c76 and the house of pain. The guns clap, guilty or vindicated…Romance of innoncence from hence we came…"

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Speerstra Gallery Paris - Aaron SHARP Goodstone "Romance of Innocence"