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Speerstra DIGITAL presents a Virtual NFT exhibition by Xavier Magaldi - Oxyde ( Reloaded ) in the Cryptovoxel Metaverse

from 2021-05-01 to 2021-05-25

The Speerstra Gallery and Xavier Magaldi are pleased to present Oxyde - (Reloaded), Xavier Magaldi's first NFT virtual exhibition in the Cryptovoxel Metaverse on the 4th floor of the Musée " Les Collectionneurs".

About NFT in art
Interest in "crypto-art" continues to grow. Since 2017, when it was first created, until today, thousands of artworks are sold in an NFT format. Artists, galleries and prestigious auction houses from all over the world are interested in it. The world of NFT is a virtual world, directly linked to new technologies and the rise of cryptocurrencies.

How NFT works
The market for digital collectibles is booming. We are witnessing a real revolution in the field of exchanges and our consumption patterns.
The NFT ( Non-Fungible Token ) is a property title held for an artistic work. An NFT is a totally unique digital object that can be published as an original work or a limited edition and cannot be counterfeited. NFT artworks are shares that increase in value depending on the popularity of the item. For a right to purchase a digital work, one must use a cryptocurrency such as Ethereum.

NFTs are distinguished from each other by a unique identifier, a token ID, whose originality is recorded universally thanks to blockchain technology.
Thanks to this identification, the complete history of the token is available at any time in the chain: where it comes from, who bought it, when and for how much. NFTs come in many forms: an image, a GIF, a video, a music, a file, a 3D work...

NFTs can be bought, collected, used, exchanged and exhibited. There is a multitude of variations and uses of NFTs. Like a real work of art, an NFT can be resold, traded and have a speculative value. It can also be integrated into programs and video games. Thanks to software, it can also integrate an augmented reality dimension in a real world, or virtual reality in a completely digital world, notably with a virtual headset.

Xavier Magaldi and the Speerstra Gallery push their ambition even further by organizing a virtual exhibition. OXYDE (Reloaded ) Digital is a logical continuation in the creative process of Xavier Magaldi. 
The exhibition presents an innovative vision of the works presented during the two OXYDE exhibitions at Speerstra Gallery Swiss and Speerstra Gallery Paris. Conceived as a collection of totem-like sculptures, the works are declined in different versions. Each one of them presents a texture, a color, a unique patina. These works of great finesse accomplish a perpetual quest for aestheticism and balance. The initiative can be hailed as a real tour de force, generating a new virtual vision of "objects of the third kind".

Xavier Magaldi realized a series of NFT regrouping the possible declensions of these works.
- Collectable cards in unique work or in edition
- Animated works inspired by real works
- Unique 3D sculpture
The artist and the gallery wanted to keep a precious link with the reality of certain works. We have chosen to propose some NFT works in direct link with a real work. The buyer will be the happy owner of the real and digital version of the work. This is an opportunity to make a smooth transition into the crypto-art revolution.

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Speerstra DIGITAL presents a Virtual NFT exhibition by Xavier Magaldi - Oxyde ( Reloaded ) in the Cryptovoxel Metaverse