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le Voleur

97 x 130 cm / 2008 - mixed media on canvas

"It might be the most talented thief but it is a gentleman" The words of the famous song by Jacques Dutronc seem to describe the main character of our plot: The Thief. A painting by the artist "Mambo". Here we are in the heart of a serious criminal investigation. Who is that thief? What is he stealing, where and when? We'll try together to sort these things out. First of all this work on canvas was painted from 2008 to 2010.Two years.
Two years that leaded the artist to investigate on its own case. At first sight our eye gets lost on a canvas of a very larger format. Colors are warm: carmine red, orange, purple. The whole color range seems takes you back to a 19th century artistic mouvement called orientalisme. Orientalisme...The thousands and one night. It doesn't remind you of anything? Ali Baba and the fourty thieves. So is the main character looking like one of them. Well not really... He looks more modern, more actual... So let's investigate to know a bit more. The different elements are a very graphical but at the same time very chaotic accumulation. Would it be to confuse the viewer? Some clues nevertheless are evident: a background with a burberry patern, the three « adidas » stripes on the lower left hand corner and above all a masked portrait. We have a quite complete description of this gangster: his portrait and what he wears. We should then be able to find him. So we might just be missing the most important clue to find him: his DNA prints. They seem to be on the painting but are not complete even if many snapshots of his fingers can be seen on different locations of the painting... Is that thief still free then? It just seem like it just looking at his smile ...

© Speerstra Gallery / Marie Bourtayre / translation: F. Mery Poplimont / voice: Yann Marguet