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Knowledge be born, tre deuce diez

50' x 50' / 2004 - spray paint and acrylic on canvas

Aaron SHARP Goodstone "Knowlegde be Born, tre deuce diez" 2004

That square shaped painting plays fully on the effect of contrast:
Contrasts in colors first with a restrained range exploiting green nuances.
Contrasts then in its composition. Made of square pixels and lyrical writing.
Let's look closer at this interesting grid made of green beige and black squares. This might make us think about a landscape seen from above that would have been ciphered to let us see what they want us to see. Nothing in there is detailed. Squares are colored patterns.
On the opposite side the writing on the foreground seems to be rich, rich in nuances, subtleties, patterns, reliefs.
The artist tries to question us on our knowledge. What does this writing, a mix of figures and arabic, latin and hebraic letters mean to you?
What does this minority of black pixels, scattered here and there amongst the 484 other ones, represent?
Here we are… These black squares represent 5% of the other squares. They are like an elite, the only ones to recognize and understand this universal alphabet bringing the truth.
Aaron Sharp Goodstone illustrates here Clarence Edward Smith theory more known as Clarence 13, former student of Malcom X and spiritual father of Hip-hop. 

© Speerstra Gallery / Marie Bourtayre / translation: F. Mery Poplimont / voice: Yann Marguet