Speerstra Gallery / SWITZERLAND

Phone: +41(0) 21 824 20 10

Opening Hours : friday and saturday 2 till 6 pm and by appointment

Chemin des cerisiers,1
1183 Bursins,

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Speerstra Gallery / PARIS

Phone: +33 (0) 9 83 01 45 86

Opening Hours : Tuesday - Saturday from 2:30 to 7 pm and by appointment

24 rue Saint-Claude
75003 Paris

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CRASH (John Matos)

John Crash Matos / 1961 / New York / Usa

"From colourful faux wall paper, to Marvel comics, this was my youth. New York in the 60's had a life all on its own. Being a child of the 60's colors made such an impression on me that i rely on these memories to bring me to my work today. Whether it was an escape from the toughness of my neighberhoods, or an explosive imagination, drawing and painting was a laugh pad that would change my life. I believe that if you pour your heart into your work it will show. Well, how about pouring your heart into your work, and letting your imagination take you beyond its limits? Isn't that what being a child was all about? And, i still believe that if you give in to your imagination, and put your heart into your work, you can't lose! Welcome to my world…" © Crash

"Well, at first of all you've got to be fearless. I felt that it was a means of communication. I just took what I knew to the trains. Now i see people using computers and the internet to send designs around the world. Some guys are painting cross-country freight trains so it's exposing kids in the heartland to graffiti. People are becoming more open to it. Even Levi's and Nike picked up on the style. We're living in the advertising age so we're totally surrounded by images that are being absorbed. The style is changing fast, but I don't think it will ever lose the value of the letter, Fame is the most primal part of it. The desire for the biggest, the best, the most."