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Speerstra Gallery / PARIS

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Charles Foussard was born with his feet in the sand, to a life shared between Reunion Island and Bordeaux and so has always nourished his soul with nature’s most beautiful gifts: the unexpected, the spectacular, the energy and abundance of forms and colours. From 2000 onwards, he felt the need to transcribe this world vision, enriched by many other journeys, and inspired as a graffiti artist by the fortified bunkers re appearing on the Landes beaches, remnants of the Atlantic Wall. The creative trigger was instantaneous, and he embarked on a style that was a far cry from the graffiti codes of his youth. Hallucination and poetry inhabit Charles’ art, and he enjoys navigating between what we perceive with our senses and the unnameable, imperceptive essence. “Translucent Light” is the consequence of a deep commitment to this heart-warming painting where one is encouraged above all to let one’s imagination wander at will. This new series is produced with acrylic paint and uses technical effects to convey transparency and haziness, Charles’ way of conveying simultaneously the themes of fluidity, communion with multiple dimensions and the recurring interaction between the visible and the invisible. With subtle sensuality, these artworks reveal Charles’ questionings on the digital age and subsequent social changes. What limitations and tolerance thresholds remain, surrounded as we are by an incessant flow of information and speed of exchange? Whether walking on sand or on the smooth floor of his art studio, Charles Foussard portrays with equal energy and will worlds where it is best not to have one’s feet on earth. © Speerstra Gallery 2019