Speerstra Gallery / SWITZERLAND

Téléphone: +41(0) 21 824 20 10

Horaires: Ouvert le vendredi et samedi de 14 à 18 heures et sur rendez-vous.

Chemin des cerisiers,1
1183 Bursins,

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Speerstra Gallery / PARIS

Téléphone: +33 (0) 9 83 01 45 86

Ouvert du Mardi au Samedi de 14h30 à 19h et sur rendez-vous.

24 rue Saint-Claude
75003 Paris

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Message from Future by Saype / Geneva SAYPE Outside

Soon featured new artist at the Speerstra Gallery, French artist Saype presents a very large landart painting entitled 'Message From Future' in the park 'La Perle du Lac' in Geneva, Switzerland, 16 September 2018. The artwork covering 5,000 square meters was produced with biodegradable paints made from natural pigments. The artist called the little girl 'Future' as a symbol of the generations from the future and the small origami boats that she drops into Lake Geneva aims to represent a message of hope sent to the world.


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